Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blue Bottle Cafe at SFMOMA

At the Blue Bottle Cafe in SFMOMA, all their desserts are based on artworks in the museum. Fabulous idea or what? This arrangement of cookies is based on the sculpture garden, just outside the indoor cafe.

 This simple plate of cheese and crackers is a nod to Josef Albers minimalist "Squares."

An ode to one of my faves, Barnett Newman. (Did I ever mention I had a barn cat named after him? Never mind.)

The big show that was on during my visit was by Cindy Sherman. Here's her inspired dessert.

 Frida Kahlo Mexican wedding cookies.

 A Wayne Theibaud layer cake; one of the cakes from his "Display Cakes" painting.

 And of, course, the Mondrian cake...the reason I was at the SFMOMA in the first place.

Three of us tucked in to these artful choices. Heck, even the coffee is a piece of art. Wouldn't this be a dream place to work? Designing and baking artwork every day. Sigh...


Knatolee said...

Food as art: beautiful AND yummy!

Evlyn said...

A life of art and food-art would be paradise.


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