Monday, October 22, 2012

Ball Pit Cake

My friend Sarah turned 40 and her partner Steve had a surprise party for her. One of the biggest surprises was getting her one of my cakes. You see, they live in Toronto which is a 4+ hour drive each way.
Over many emails, we figured out what kind of cake would suit Sarah. I knew she loved sheep! But Steve mentioned her desire to swim around in a ball pit like they have at MacDonalds or Ikea. So, we went with that for the cake. (Great idea Steve!)

Along with the three sheep I made from fondant, I added a penguin because Steve loves penguins and even has a blog called The Grumpy Penguin. And they both adore their kitty cat Addie who is swimming alongside the other critters in the ball crawl made of bubble gumballs.
Sarah was surprised with the cake! What fun. Happy 40th birthday to you, dear Sarah!

1 comment:

Evlyn said...

What a great cake! It is perfect for Sarah - so much fun. Especially love the sheep. And Sarah looks so beautiful beside her cake (but I admit I am a little prejudiced).


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