Monday, April 2, 2012

One Party, Two Cakes

It was a busy weekend cake-wise. At a party in Vankleek Hill, two birthdays were being celebrated. One for my friend Susan who is an avid fly fisher.

The other birthday celebrant was the terrific musician Terry Gillespie. An electric guitar with turquoise blue leopard print seemed in order.

 Terry's shirt matched the leopard print on the cake.

Susan seemed please with her fishy cake.

And everyone got a piece of cake. Happy birthday Susan and Terry!


Knatolee said...

Great cake work yet again!

Evlyn said...

Fabulous cakes (as usual). Just wondering how people picked which cake they would eat. I would find it hard to decide.

frannie said...

Now I know why you love making those fabulous cakes. You get to go to all those birthday parties too!


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