Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Big Apple Bakery

 In Colborne, Ontario, an hour or so east of Toronto is the Big Apple Bakery. They make lots of pies.

 So many pies in fact, look at the flour they wheel in on a dolly.

 Their mix master is massive!

I sure could use some of that space to work on my cakes. Check out the size of their prep tables.

The pies are stacked on rolling shelves. The place sure smelled terrific but we only bought a coffee and hit the road again. My late mother loved one of their apple pies that had streusel on top of it but I didn't grab one this time. Next time!


Deb said...

Boy, you have will-power. :)

Evlyn said...

Is this the place on the 401 where you can see a big red apple? They sure have a big bakery, as well as a big apple. Great photo-journalism!

Knatolee said...

I used to stop there quite a bit when I lived in Toronto and was travelling east! I used to bring home their pies too.


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