Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Of Pansies and Poutine

The first flowers I plant are pansies. These are called "Flamenco" because the petals are ruffled and supposedly dance in the wind. These are icicle pansies and can withstand cool/cold temperatures.

Ahh, poutine in the great outdoors. Nothing says spring more than enjoying a poutine in a take-out container, sitting at a picnic table outside. Bring. It. On.


Knatolee said...

Oooo, I must get me some of those pansies!

Steve said...

Ditto, but replace "those pansies" with "that poutine"!

Wonder what would happen if you planted the wrong one....?

Deb said...

I picked up some daisies today, too. Always start with them in the pots. The poutine looks good.


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