Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dueling Torpedoes

Richard and I use toboggans we've picked up at yard sales for dragging in the wood he's cut. (No motors for us!) I noticed that my toboggan, purchased a few years back has a funky label and says it's "Made in Canada." What's made in Canada these days?

When I looked at Richard's snazzy red striped sled, purchased just last year at a street sale (the price tag is still on it), his too is a Torpedo brand. Matching toboggans. Ain't that sweet?


Knatolee said...

Ah, brings back happy memories of my own childhood tobaggan!

Elisabeth said...

Never had one.
Mind you, I was put on skis as a kid! We live a mile away from a ski slope an complex called "le chalet Cochand" and I think the season passes for a family of 4 was $98! Cheap even in those days!
My first skis were Simpson/Sears! LOL.

Cute that you sled names match!
(or was it the only maker in Canada?)

Jenny said...

We lived on top of a hill and spent endless hours tobogganing. That Torpedo brand looks so familiar, maybe we had one. It's surprising how much you can pull on a toboggan or plastic slider.

Addison Dewitt said...

You country people...

Evlyn said...

These are classic. What a wonderful image for this snowy wintry day - you and Richard on your matching toboggans.


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