Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baby, It's Very Cold Outside

Okay, so the day started like this. Richard's car wouldn't start. My car wouldn't start.

And after CAA left and my boosted car was running, I realized it really WAS that cold.


Knatolee said...

Hope it didn't take too long for CAA to show up!! Also hope you don't have to drive anywhere in the freezing rain today.

Addison Dewitt said...

Hate bloody winter.

Deb said...

We were to go into the city for building permits and now we have freezing rain coming. I am not impressed with winter...never was. Stay warm Ronna and bake us all a cake. :)

Evlyn said...

Ahhh! - one of the lovely delights of this time of the year. Cars that won't start. And, in addition, we have icy roads and high heating bills. Glad that you got your car going again. I wish we could all just curl up inside in front of a warm fire with a hot drink until spring comes.


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