Friday, June 3, 2011

Grackle Games

I was in a parking lot the other day and noticed these four grackles gathered around what looked like a discarded paper poutine dish. There seemed to be a bit of gravy remaining on the sides of it.

One bored bird flew off and the others tried to see if there was anything inside the container.

As the other two approached, this grackle got very protective of his find.

Stay away. It's all mine!

Eventually, he got bored and so the others had to go on an inspection tour of their own.

Hmmm. Nothing much of here of interest.

See ya later, 'gator!

Okay, so like there's seriously nothing in there?, nothing to nibble. Gak!

And then there were none.


Knatolee said...

Love the photos and story! See, everybody loves poutine. :)

Evlyn said...

It's a jungle out there (in the parking lots)- every grackle for himself, when it comes to poutine!


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