Thursday, June 2, 2011

Faux Spaghetti & Meatball Cupcakes

I met my friend Jen in Cornwall yesterday to celebrate our June birthdays. We had a cupcake exchange! She made me red velvet and chocolate cupcakes (my faves), all wrapped up with a nice pink bow.

In exchange, I made her lemon poundcake cupcakes (her fave) topped with buttercream "pasta," Ferrero Rocher "meatballs," strawberry jam "tomato sauce," and I grated white chocolate to look like Parmesan cheese.
I think we may have started a new tradition. What fun!


Knatolee said...

A birthday cupcake exchange, what a brilliant idea!

Marcia said...

Excellent idea! Great cupcakes.

Evlyn said...

I think you should start a whole new blog, all about faux food. I will never forget the dessert you made out of cake cut into french fry shapes with jam "ketchup" on them. It was fabulous!

texastrailerparktrash said...

Happy Birthday, Ronna! My birthday is June 3--always glad to meet another Gemini, the best sign in the zodiac! :)


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