Monday, February 21, 2011

Thinking Spring

I got the strangest call the other day. "Would you be interested in coming to a seed porn party?" What!!??

Turns out my friend Sue invited a few gals over to trade seeds, look at seed catalogues and think spring.

The seeds were in all manner of storage containers: pill bottles, tea tins, envelopes, you name it.

Outside the snow was blowing hard.

Inside we were faithfully transferring seeds into envelopes and copying plant specifics.

During all this we enjoyed delicious carrot cake and coffee. Now, doesn't that sound like a perfect way to spend an afternoon?


Marcia said...

What a great idea, and what fun!

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

Sounds grand. The ground will eventually thaw out and and what treats await!

Jennifer said...

That is awesome! never heard of a party like that but how fun and different...I love planting! can't wait to start. The carrot cake looked yummy too. Have a nice day! Jennifer

Knatolee said...

I just want someone to come till my vegetable garden! Hard to believe we'll be starting seeds soon. :)

Lauren said...

Seed Porn Party!! I LOVE it! I think I need to have one! All this time Ive just been keeping my seed porn quietly to myself, hiding it all on a shelf in the garage. Now I know I can bring it out in the open and indulge and share publicly without repercussions - except perhaps excess calories from cakes and cookies!


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