Thursday, February 24, 2011

Footprints and Snacks

On Family Day last Monday, Richard and I headed into the woods. After a few hours of cutting brush and vines... was time for a snack.

Leftover chocolate chip pancakes from breakfast...

...sure taste good in -15C sunshine.

Moose prints seemed to be everywhere, the critter likely browsing for some grass under the snow.

And lots of bunny feet...

...likely outrunning a coyote looking for his dinner.

And looks like a squirrel or some other creature left remnants of their snack wedged in a tree.

1 comment:

Claire said...

Hey Ronna, looks like you live in a wonderful part of the world with interesting wildlife around.

Choc chip pancakes for brekky, yummo......

Hope you have a great weekend, lovin' the cats on your blog header.

Claire :}


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