Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Cupcakes 101

Since both Richard and I love salted chocolate caramels, I decided to attempt a similar cupcake for Valentine's Day. I used store bought caramel and wonderfully chunky sea salt from Maine.

I made chocolate fudge cake cupcakes and cut out a small wedge in them.

Then I added a small spoonful of chocolate ganache (semi-sweet chocolate and whipping cream, melted together, then cooled a bit).

I topped that with a little bit of caramel. I added a bit of salt to the top of this to add more flavour and cut some sweetness.

I covered the hole with a swirl of chocolate buttercream icing.

I topped that with another spoon of ganache...

...and a bit more caramel.

Then I salted it all over with sea salt. Check it out! I clicked the shutter just as a piece of sea salt was falling.

And from the over-the-top department, I found these dark chocolate cups at the grocery store and since it was for Valentine's Day and all, I bought them and put the finished cupcakes in their very own chocolate cups.



Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...


Elisabeth said...

Somebody's been watching the cupcake challenge on the Food Network!
You could give then a run for their money!

Knatolee said...

Mmmmmmmm... me want!

snippetgirl said...

OH MY, how delicious do these look?? My mouth is watering. I wanted to stop by and answer your question about the shaggy mums :). Yes, they were made with the grass tip! You start with a big blog in the middle (with the dot tip) and then use the grass tip to make the center and then start going around the blob in layers to make the mum. I just love how it looks! I LOVE your blog by the way. So sorry i don't visit more often!! I need to!
Purrs, Carrie

Tracey said...

Will you be my Valentine? :)

Sea Salts said...

Sea salt is often touted as a more healthful alternative to ordinary table salt.


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