Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Road Food

I've always loved road trips and the serendipitous food finds while out in the world. This book is a fun romp on and off backroads all over the U.S.A. written by Jane & Michael Stern. They are the writers of Roadfood and also have a website Roadfood.com where you can match what particular food you're looking for and where you might eat it.

Another gem by Jane & Michael Stern. Fun reading and chop-licking descriptions of joints serving the best fried chicken, hot dogs or clams. Unfortunately, nary a mention of poutine. (Guess I'd better give them the head's up about it, eh?)

Save the Deli by David Sax follows the writer's adventures while searching for that perfect pastrami sandwich. A must read. Can I have a kosher dill with that please?


Elisabeth said...

I have read Jane and Michael Stern for years in Gourmet (until its demise)and loved their stories on road food.
I'm glad to know they have a blog!

Knatolee said...

I really enjoyed Two for the Road. I will have to check out the others.


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