Friday, April 23, 2010

Huge, Odd Nest

This odd looking nest is almost 3 feet wide. It was built on top of a witches' broom on a balsam fir tree. A fungus invades the tree and causes it to form a witches' broom which is an excessively twiggy, clump-like formation.

In this case, something (we're suspecting mice) carried bits of deer hair, up 15 feet to where the witches' broom was and covered the entire thing with hair. We don't think that birds ever nested in it because it's completely flat and not cup-shaped.

The deer carcass was found about 50 feet away from the tree. It looked like it might have been there a year or two. We're thinking that the mice lived inside the nest. No one we've asked is quite sure. Odd or what?


goldenbird said...

That is odd. I've seen tree rat nests kind of like that around here, but I'm not sure if you have those there.

Could it be an old nest of a large raptor? They often build big flat nests.

The deer hair is really strange.

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

Totally fascinating.

Dusty said...

What about a squirrel nest?

Ronna said...

I think you may be right Dusty. My friend John has some biologist friends who also think squirrel nest. Good call.

Susan Williamson said...

Wow. I've never seen anything like this even though we have plenty of squirrel nests around here. Maybe it's the former home of a squirrel eccentric.


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