Thursday, April 22, 2010

Heeeeere's Archie!

My friend Rosemary got a new pup rescued from a shelter. His name is Archie and he's nine month's old.

Rosemary thinks he's part beagle and part Jack Russell. It's hard to get a proper portrait of Archie.

He's pretty much always on the move.

He's as cute as a button...

...and a very sweet pup. Can't wait to visit you again, Archie. Maybe next time you won't spill my cup of tea on my lap...or maybe you will. At any rate, you are a cutie!


Knatolee said...

My oh my, what an adorable bundle of energy! I love his markings and big soft ears.

Anonymous said...

Oh Ronna, he's adorable!!!! He sure looks Jack Russel to me!! He could be Elliot's sister. Bundle of energy is a clue. Does Archie like to play ball? Tell your friend "patience". I tired JR is a very happy JR.


Elisabeth said...

I am so glad he got rescued...and to a good home too.

Rosemary O'Flaherty said...

Hi! I'm Rosemary, the mother of Archie. Isn't he the cutest? My sweet friend, Ronna, is so generous to put him on her blogspot. We had a lovely visit with Ronna last Friday. Unfortunately, in his puppy exuberance, he leaped on Ronna's lap and upset her tea all over her and she didn't even yelp !!
Archie and I love you, Ronna

Anonymous said...

Bravo for rescuing Achie Rosemary. My daughter has a jack russell and EVERYONE is hopelessly in love with him (Elliot). Easy to train, well mannered in the house. Never wanders off. A real family, affectionate dog. Enjoy Archie. He deserves to receive what he will give.

Judy (Ronna's friend in Montreal)

Helen said...

WooHooo... Archie.. Looking good.. I couldn't have found a better Mom for Archie.. Thanks Rosemary..

goldenbird said...

I'm over here oohing and aahing over Archie. What a cutie! He looks very cuddley. And I love hearing about people adopting from shelters.


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