Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Victorian Window

I did this drawing a few years ago. Now if I could just get inspired to get drawing again. It's funny how it's so easy to fall off the creativity wagon but how difficult it is to climb back onto it again.


Knatolee said...

I hear ya, sister. This is a lovely drawing!

Elisabeth said...

Very true. A few years back I did a series of 20 small paintings. Now I don't know if I could.
Go figure!
Your window is beautiful. Good job!

Paula from Amen Corners said...

I love your artwork! Easy to get back into it, pick up your pencil and get your paper and let it flow. You could start with smaller projects like making a hand-drawn Thank You card for a friend or a little Birthday card. Your talent is too good to be left idle. Good Luck :)

Paula from Amen Corners said...

Me Again! Just found this free template you may want to download. Thought it may help you start up your drawing once again.


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