Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Best TV Hockey Ads

This ad reminds me of growing up playing street hockey with my cousin Richard. I was usually the goaltender mainly because I had my own Sherwood goalie stick and was just crazy about Montreal Canadiens' goaltender Ken Dryden.
Saturday night was always Hockey Night in Canada at our house with my family gathered around the TV set, cheering on our beloved Canadiens.

This Tim Horton ad is from a few years back. I think it's so well done.

Another terrific Tim Horton's ad narrated by the great player Sidney Crosby. I think it kind of sums up what hockey means to many Canadians.

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Elisabeth said...

That Coke commercial is the Best!
I saw it on TV watching the Olympics (yes, I am a junkie!) and just loved it! ...So true!
Go Canada Go!


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