Friday, February 19, 2010

Report from the Woods

With a three week thaw in January and almost no snow since, it's been a very easy winter so far. But there still isn't much in the way of food for bunnies so they've been eating the green cambium layer of bark on the trees I laid out for them.

Meanwhile Richard was busy cutting down some dead and dying trees. These we took out along the so-called "river" my parents named "The Mighty Mogelon." While it was frozen, it was easy to skid out the trees.

Our small collection of large wood that will need splitting this spring.

And news not exactly from the bush. My driveway is showing signs of spring. This is usually what it looks like at the beginning of April. Everyone is saying, "We're really going to get it in March." Hmmm. Even if we do, the days are longer now and the sun stronger. I say, bring it on Mother Nature!


Knatolee said...

I'm starting to wonder if we really are going to get it in March. Right now, it's easy to believe we won't!

I have been finding all sorts of bunny signs in our woodlot, and that bright orange pee we were discussing! :)

Jenny said...

Glad your bunnies are doing well. We don't see as many bunnies as we used to in our neck of the woods. Years ago we had one fall asleep under our birdfeeder. We wondered if something was wrong with him because he was so still, but no, he was just asleep and when he woke up he happily hopped away.


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