Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kettleman's Bagel Co.

As a former Montrealer, I was born and bread (ouch) on Montreal bagels. Now I live halfway between Montreal and Ottawa and get my bagel fix as often as possible, most recently at Kettleman's in Ottawa which features "Montreal-style" bagels.

First they are rolled into bagel-shapes.

These guys are pretty fast at it too!

Once the bagels are formed they are boiled in honey water, rolled in seeds and then laid out on long wooden paddles and cooked in a wood-fired oven.

Tuesday was sesame seed special day so they were making lots of (what Montrealers call "white" bagels). Black-seed bagels are ones rolled in poppy seeds. (And don't believe what you hear about blueberry bagels or cranberry bagels. They aren't "real" bagels!)

I bet you can almost smell these, right. A dozen black and a dozen white to go, please.


Marcia said...

Now that's something you can bring with you when you come here!

Knatolee said...

Ooh! I love that place!!


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