Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Garden

It's almost October and my garden still hasn't been nipped by frost. There was a light frost on the grass when I woke up on Saturday morning but my garden seems untouched. Oddly enough, my Oregon lupins have decided to bloom a second time. Always nice to see 'em.

The nasturtiums have gone crazy that a shoot has grown up inside the little cabin and come through one of the boards to bloom.

My mom planted these golden raspberries many moons ago.

The great thing about them is that they deliver fruit spring and fall.

The poor eggplants didn't have enough heat this summer. This one needs another full month of heat. Guess I'll be eating a miniature eggplant soon.

The tomatoes also suffered from lack of heat. These are volunteers, seeds from the compost pile that grew in the same spot as the planted jalapenos (look at the bottom of the photo).

The peppers have gone mad and are producing full-sized, grocery store-like peppers!

The poor cucumber plants are dying. But look at this determined plant. It's leaves are dying, it's still producing fruit and it's still flowering. Wish we had another month...

My salad for supper last night. I even found a fresh sprig of dill popping up. It's going to frost any day now so every trip to the garden is a treat.


Elisabeth said...

Let's hoope your garden will continue to provide lovely produce for awhile yet. ( Find those beachnuts!!!)

Knatolee said...

Wow, your garden is looking fantastic, and I want to grow golden raspberries!


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