Thursday, September 10, 2009

Car Show

Last Sunday I accompanied Richard to a job. He was covering the Auto Expo in Hawkesbury for his newspaper and I tagged along. To see Richard's photos, click here.

I'm not really into cars but some of these were real antiques and kind of fun to look at.

There was a blues band playing and they were pretty darn good.

Some folks had clever license plates.

Others had their vehicles decked out for the extravaganza.

This vehicle got tons of awards and trophies. I'm not exactly sure what for...maybe for the gaudiest paint job?

Colourful they's a gold car, glistening in the sun...

...this one was pale, pale lilac.

Okay, this orange might even light up in the dark, eh?

This green is scrumptious.

Some of the cars had themed mascots. Remember the Road Runner?

This car was the sparkliest I had ever seen. It had little red and green thingies in it that sparkled in the sunlight.

This doggie could care less about the cars.

Wait a second. I think these two cared even less...


Marcia said...

Oh come on, Ronna! I am sure you would love to own that lilac number! Think how cool it would be!!!

frannie said...

I remember riding around in some of these numbers...guess that makes me antique too? (As teenagers we would recognise boys by the cars they drove, usually their dad's)

Knatolee said...

Okay I love the old cars but that award-winning truck is simply bizarre!

Why Oxbow? said...

Was there any poutine available?


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