Thursday, September 20, 2007

Roasted Root Vegetables

Richard came over for one of the last barbecues of summer; it was 27C and gorgeous. I decided to root around (get it?) in the garden and see what I could find. I pulled out fingerling potatoes and purple carrots (they actually have orange interiors). I also found 4 of last year's red potato crop (these were the ones I had neglected to pull out last year, so they grew again this year). There was an errant parsnip from last year too that got thrown into the mix. And a volunteer sweet potato squash grew from my compost. (The onions and garlic were the only things that were purchased.) I baked it over an hour at 400F with some olive oil, sea salt and pepper. Yum!


Newsman said...

skAs James Joyce or Mordecai Richler, or that Chad guy with the greasy hairy, or Woody Allen, or Philip Roth, or Margaret Atwood, or the great Alex Mogelonsky, might have said, ya got the root of it!

Newsman said...

There was a typo in that because I type too fast.


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