Saturday, September 22, 2007

Campbell's Soup Artists ATCs

This is perhaps my favourite set of ATCs. And I didn't use PhotoShop. Instead, I bought lots of canned soup, tore off the label and cut out the actual soup part in the bowl. I replaced the soup with bits of art. Or I put bits of art into the soup. It depended on what worked best. Cream of famous artists soup! All those years of art history classes finally paid off.
And check out Cream of Oppenheim. It's a play on her Fur-Lined Tea Cup, considered one of the archetypal works of the Surrealist movement. In this case, it is the Fur-Lined Soup Bowl (and I used a tiny piece of real fur).


justjen said...

Inspired! I love them!

sharon said...

I've been bad for not posting comments but I have to say that your work is absolutely wonderful. Love the tiles and the food. Wish you could be my chef. These ATCs are so great. What kind of Campbells soup did you buy?

jenw said...

Awesome cards. Absolutely AWESOME! :)


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