Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Yesterday evening I went for a walk and it looked like a dinosaur had left an egg on my lawn. Not an egg. A mushroom!
Puffballs are always a sure sign of fall around here. And this is a small one. (They can be as large as a soccer ball at times.) This one will be great cooked up in a spaghetti sauce. Or I might peel it, slice it and fry it up! Anyone want to come over for a piece of puffball?


jenw said...

I've always heard that puff balls are delectible eating - do they taste just like regular mushrooms? Are there any I have to be careful of?

Ronna said...

Puffballs look just like round balls. They aren't poisonous but aren't really delectible. The best thing about them is they are like a sponge and will take on any flavour that surrounds them. So they are great with butter or to add to a spaghetti sauce.


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