Monday, September 17, 2007

Birch Bark Nature Notes ATCs

I did these artist trading cards out of birch bark I had taken off a fallen tree. It was a large tree which had been chopped down. The crown had snapped; a victim of the ice storm a few year previous. I took a knife, dug out sheets of thick birch bark and rolled them off the log. These ATCs didn't need to be mounted because the bark I made them out of was as thick as a hefty cardstock.


Chris Tessnear said...

Love this. Have been meaning to try it. What medium did you use to add your images and text?

Ronna said...

Hi Chris:
I used coloured pencil and a brown Sharpie marker. I had a tough time with the marker however. I hadn't realized that the birch bark has a powdery-like substance on it and it kept drying out the markers. I went though quite a few of them. Not sure what else might work better. Let me know if you figure it out.

Susan Williamson said...

These are gorgeous...the eggs particularly. I'm going up north this weekend, so I'll have to get me some birchbark!


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