Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Winter Picnics in the Woods

Our annual winter picnic in the woods at the old picnic table took place last Sunday on March 18 and the temperature was a balmy 26C. First time I wore a t-shirt at our picnic.

 Last year's picnic was held on January 19, 2011 when it was a "balmy" -15C. The snow and temperature did not deter us! I think we ate our sandwiches kind of quickly though.

The year before that, March 8, 2010 and we were out in the woods making poutine. That picnic was fairly toasty at 10C. And yummy too as I recall.

Into the woods on February 18, 2009 was when we had our first ever winter picnic. Minus 5C and a hot brunch en plein air. What could be bad?

This year another first! A bottle of cold wine! Isn't that what you do in the heat of summer? Except of course for the fact it was winter. A butterfly landed on our picnic table for a brief bit and looked around.

We enjoyed cheese, smoked oysters, olives, hot bread, and wine. Almost sounds like we were in France. Dejeuner sur l'herbe anyone?


Elisabeth said...

ooh la la!

Evlyn said...

You guys really know how to have a picnic, no matter what the weather.

Claire said...

Hey Ronna, your picnics sound like alot of fun despite the varying weather and I just loooove the covering on the table.....Pin needles and snow.

What a beautiful spot to enjoy........

Claire :}


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