Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Piet Mondrian

Tomorrow would have been Piet Mondrian's 140th birthday.

Some time ago I noticed a fabulous Mondrian-inspired cake by pastry artist Caitlan Williams Freeman from the Blue Bottle Cafe at SFMoMA. Since I can't get to San Francisco in time for Piet's big birthday, I thought I'd whip one up on this side of the globe.

Happy birthday to you Mr. Mondrian. You've inspired many...including me!

Stay tuned: Tomorrow's post will be how I made this cake, step-by-step!


Knatolee said...

THat's so cool!

Marcia said...


Elisabeth said...

You scooped Google!
And I would like to scoop a piece of that cake! Looks artfully yummy!

Lauren from MA said...

I love that it is Mondrian inside and not just in the frosting on top!!!

Evlyn said...

I have often said that you make very artsy cakes and this one really proves it. Looks delicious as well as beautiful (for those of us who always liked Mondrian).

Cheri said...

This is gorgeous!


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