Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Calico Visitor

 Since my sister named my place Calico Corners a few weeks back, guess what?

 Yup, another stray calico cat showed up in the barn.

This little gal is a tiny bit less shy than the last one -- who seems to have disappeared completely -- but I still can't get close to her. I've fed her the past few days and she seems to have disappeared again. Stay tuned.


Jenny said...

She's really cute. Unusual white stripe on her back.

Deb said...

She's heading into kitten season and I'm afraid she is most likely going into heat (hence the wandering around). Calico's are all female with the exception of the rare male. They are worth thousands. Hopefully one of those will show up soon and help pay for all the cat food at your place. :)

Elisabeth said...

She is adorable.
Hope she is safe, wherever she roams.
Thanks for leaving food and a warm place for her.

Knatolee said...

SHe is so pretty! I wish they'd let you catch them. You need a sign made for your house that says "Calico Corners"!


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