Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Winter Woods

 In the woods on the weekend, the trees are starting to bud.

I always wonder what the little woodland creatures manage to eat and I noticed in several places in the field, lots of munching going on.

I also noticed lots of wild grapes still on the vine and evidence of grape eating too.

We came upon lots of old trees, this one looks like it might be lived in. My flying squirrels home perhaps?

Richard was pretty happy with a dead tree he found, chopped down and lugged in for splitting this spring.


Knatolee said...

Look at the hole in that tree!! It's so perfectly round. Owls?

And Richard, don't do it! How will you smell Ronna's yumy cooking without a nose?!

Linda Starr said...

Nice to see dead trees for the critters to use. I can't believe your trees are budding out this soon.

Evlyn said...

Wonderful picture of the old tree. And I agree with Natalie - Richard don't do it. You will only spite your face.


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