Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Good Ol' Country Cookin'

A while back, Richard and I went to a big winter carnival supper in Dalkeith Hall. Long tables covered with plastic and dinner served on paper plates. But...the food was fabulous!

Tender roast beef and gravy, real mashed potatoes, carrots, cole slaw, a few homemade pickles and a soft roll...

Not to mention homemade blueberry pie. Richard had cinnamon-y apple pie. Good times!


Deb said...

Being married to a Mennonite, I have had many church & festival dinners like that. Good old country cookin'.

Knatolee said...


Evlyn said...

Love community suppers like that and the food always surprises by how good it is. Great pics - I got hungry just looking at everything (especially the pie)!


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