Friday, January 21, 2011

Visit From Banjo

My neighbour Rene and his dog Banjo travel the road together on Rene's 4x4 and yesterday I was lucky enough to have them drop by for a visit.

Banjo (who Rene calls simply "Jo") is a great dog and is content to be driven around while she has a bird's eye view of the road.

She's a sweet, friendly dog who wanted to come into the house and have a visit with me and the cats.

When it was time to go, she hopped back on her perch and away they went. I hope Jo (and Rene) come back for another visit soon.


Knatolee said...

What a beautiful dog! And I love her mode of transport.

Elisabeth said...

Banjo is so cute! Who wouldn't love a visit from her and her person!

frannie said...

Banjo looks intelligent as well as pretty. Did she come inside and play with your cats?

Linda Starr said...

Oh Banjo is quite a happy looking dog, I hope she enjoyed a visit with your cats.


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