Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Norman Laliberté

The fabulous artist Norman Laliberté created these banners for behind the bar-area at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.

Each floor's bar features a different banner, full of music and celebration.

I noticed that some of the bars on the other floors have mirrored backgrounds now. I'm hoping that the original banners have gone to be cleaned because art beats mirror any day!

Lots of detail and fine work around each corner.

My dad wrote 17 art books with Norman and he is a dear, family friend. I was lucky enough to reconnect with him and his wife Laurel at an art show in Montreal a few years back. He's painting more than working with fabric now, but his work has as much joie-de-vivre as ever!


Knatolee said...

Cool banners, and how great that you know him!!

Elisabeth said...

I saw his work at Gallerie DeBellefeuille last year....but those banners! They are absolutley fabulous!

Anonymous said...

My father and Norman Labiberte were friends many years back. My father passed away last month and the family is having a memorial June 12, 2011 in Goldens Bridge, NY. If you could forward this to Norman I would be most appreciative. I would very much like Norman to be present.

Elliot Gordon


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