Friday, July 9, 2010

Poutine & Chipmunks

Gordon and Natalie brought their 13-year-old friend Rachel over. Rachel was visiting from the U.S.A. and had never tried poutine before. Oh my!

Her request was to have kosher poutine and it was a fairly easy task. I found a tin of brown, mushroom gravy, added curds and fries and voila! Meat-free poutine.

I think Rachel really enjoyed her first taste of the stuff.

After our meal, we went outside to sit on the swing and get some fresh air.

Somehow I think feeding the chippies was more fun than eating poutine.

1 comment:

Knatolee said...

We had such a great time, and you were a real trooper, putting the oven on in that heat!!


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