Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Biking and Breakfast

A few weekends back, Richard and I went to Hawkesbury to see an amazing bunch of bicyclists riding from Ottawa to Montreal to raise money to fund research for childhood diseases.

Pretty intense.

After seeing those bikers, Richard and I were inspired to get some exercise so we walked across the bridge from Hawkesbury, Ontario to Grenville, Quebec. Here Richard has one foot in each province!

We happened upon Bonhomme Patate and went to check their menu.

Plenty of poutine versions but we were too early for poutine... we settled for bacon and eggs.

Just watching those bikers gave us an appetite.


Jack D'Mestiere said...

2 dots and a dash! On murphies. But what the heck is that shingle? Looks like a raft across the Jordan...

Ronna said...

Ha! Jack, it was a big, honkin' bagel -- no common shingles for us. Whaddya call a bagel in Jack-speak?

Knatolee said...

Fun fun fun!


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