Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nancy's Truck Stop

I noticed an abandoned Truck Stop just east of Hawkesbury.

I just love the hand-cut, wooden type face. 

And look at the ghost wall behind the wooden font. 

Just love the letter "r." Always so hard to do. This one definitely has charm.

And the "o" looks a little like an egg. Stop! I'm having too much fun with this.


Elisabeth said...

Thank Goodness, individually still can be bad they seem to be outnumbered by McDonalds and Tims....too bad it had closed.

Always a story in those places!

frannie said...

Yes, the R looks like a P on a crutch. Amusing post!

Knatolee said...

I remember all the trouble I had with the letter "r" in my college typography classes. Love these wooden letters.

Susan Williamson said...

This is fabulous. I really enjoy your sign postings especially ones like this. Nancy's sign looks like she free-handed the lettering in her home workshop.


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