Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hockeyville in My Little Town

The good folks at Kraft Foods announced the 12 contenders to be Hockeyville on Monday night. Alexandria, Ontario, my little town of 3000 folks, is one of the chosen 12. It's up against much larger places like Yellowknife, NWT and Cranbook, BC.

If Alexandria wins the title of "Hockeyville," it gets a $100,000 upgrade to its hockey arena as well as hosting a pre-season NHL game.

But the only way it will win is if it gets votes. So click here and vote for Alexandria as Hockeyville! Just go to the blue box at the bottom of the page and select Billy Gebbie Arena, Alexandria and vote. Thanks!


kim said...

love this..may I post it to facebook!

and note you can vote for alexandria at

Kim (hockeyville crew)

Ronna said...

Sure Kim, go for it!


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