Friday, October 2, 2009

Down Under Lunch

I had friends visiting from New Zealand over for lunch yesterday so I put together a light lunch. A selection of cheeses...

...a warm, olive miche...

...curried deviled eggs plus a salad made up from the garden: the last tomatoes, cucumbers and pepper with basil leaves.

I also made a charred, marinated eggplant dish. I oiled and grilled both sides of the unpeeled eggplant slices. Then I poured over them some maple-balsamic vinegar and olive oil, topped with a little salt and pepper. Turned out great.
Was nice to see my friends from the other side of the world and can't wait till I can go eat lunch at their place.


Elisabeth said...

You know, I never knew Marble cheese existed until I went to Ontario.
Love the Eggplant dish... and I mean the dish...mind you those eggplant slices look delish as well.

Knatolee said...

I've discovered a pattern in my life. I go to Ronna's blog, I look at the photos, I get hungry. I go to Ronna's blog, I look at the photos, I get hungry. Nothing in the fridge is ever as good as what's on your blog EXCEPT for that jar of South African pickles that YOU actually made!!

I. Am. Starving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why Oxbow? said...

Hmmmmm. Deviled eggs.


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