Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Don Messer Jubilee Tribute

Last Friday night, Richard and I went to the Don Messer Jubliee Tribute held in Maxville, about a 10 minute drive from here. If he were alive today, Don Messer would be 100-years-old so the Glengarry Pioneer Museum decided to have a benefit concert to honour his memory. The TV show Don Messer's Jubliee was a staple for Canadians growing up in the 1960s and in its heyday had over 4 million viewers.

Johnny Forrest, the only remaining member of Don Messer's band was flown in from his home in Surrey, B.C. Here I am with him on the far left and Don Messer's road manager Ken Reynolds in the middle.

Lots of local talent performed throughout the 3 hour concert. There was fiddling, step-dancing and square dancing, "quiet time" with beautiful cello music, and just plain, old fashioned country music with slide guitars, singing and of course, Johnny's accordion playing.

Here's just a taste of the opening number which was the original theme song to Don Messer's Jubilee TV show. The incomparable Bobby Lalonde pitched in on fiddle.


frannie said...

Wow, that was short! But I do remember the number from way back. Must have been a gas to attend.

Addison Dewitt said...

I love a man in a kilt.

Ronna said...

Frannie: My upload speed is so slow, I was afraid to try anything longer. Might tray to add another at the end of this post...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. I would have loved to have been there, but without my parents, siblings & a plaid orange couch it wouldn't have been the same. :)
- Penelope


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