Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Russian Box: Before & After

I love Russian lacquered boxes. My parents had a few of them at one point but the boxes are long gone. So I was excited to see one at a thrift shop the other day. But I kind of knew it was a fake. The originals have lovely, hand painted images on their covers. This one was a poor reproduction of an architectural painting of onion domes.

A friend came to tea just as I was unwrapping my "find." I showed it to her and she suggested I gesso it and create my own version of a Russian box. I painted my signature "flying" cat but this time, in a very ornate fashion to make it feel like it belonged on the box. How did I do?


Marcia said...

You are the best recrafter I know!

Carmi said...

I think it turned out amazing!
This would be a great card series!

Susan Williamson said...

Hands down, it's way better than the "original."


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