Friday, January 30, 2009

Andy and Me

Andy Warhol loved using the simple red and white graphic of a Campbell's soup can. And I guess so do I. This cartoon appeared in my book Famous People's Cats.

I did a similar thing in my friend Susan's round robin art journal which had the theme "red."

These artist trading cards are from a sheet of soup wrapping paper I bought from the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, after seeing a show on Andy there. I added the cats.

I made only 3 of these ATCs using Andy's own cat drawings. I called the series "Andy's Cats Play Cat's Cradle."

Inspired again by Andy's use of the classic soup label, in this case I used the Canadian version of the label which shows an actual bowl of soup.


Karen said...

I love all of these cards Ronna! Very clever.

justjen said...

Love them ALL!!! Fabulous.

Susan Williamson said...

These are absolutely amazing. I love your witty spin on Andy's soup tins. I'm sure he would more than have approved.


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