Friday, January 23, 2009

The Difference Between Cats & Dogs

It's snowing. It's cold. If you're a dog, you say, "Let's get at her!"

And you jump into the car for a ride. Yippee!

It's snowing. It's cold. You're a cat. What to do? Visiting my friends Mac and Brenda, this is what some of their kitties did. How about a nap beside the wood stove on the washing machine?

Or better yet, get into the almost-too-small-for-me bread basket on the middle of the table. Stella is 19 so we all gave her a little leeway after we had eaten our dinner. It's her favourite spot so how could we argue with her?


Lisa PN said...

oh how i love old cats! so lovely. and yes, now that i have a dog and two cats, i am reminded daily of this difference!

Susan Williamson said...

Being a Leo, I'm with Stella. Sleeping is the way to go when the weather is so cold and you're getting on in years.

Knatolee said...

My cat would never get on the kitchen table. Never. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Of course he would, but he waits until I have just finished cleaning it thoroughly for my guests.


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