Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cheese Please

On the outskirts of Lancaster (about 20 minutes from here) is a fabulous new cheese factory called Glengarry Fine Cheese. It's just north of the village and pretty much at the edge of a farmer's field.

You can't miss the large sign on Highway 34 that beckons you to taste some fine cheese. And once you get through those doors, it's heaven! A pressed tin ceiling, lovely displays of all manner of fine foods from olive oil and syrups to artisanal bread.

Every cheese they have for sale can be tasted. (I tasted a wee bit of each!)

And each cheese has a little write up about it so you know exactly what you're getting.

I like how the names are based on local places: The Glengarry Fen, the Lankaasster, The Alexandrin.

In the end, I brought home the Celtic Blue and the Fleur-en-Lait.

Richard and I enjoyed these after a long weekend of lumber jacking and bringing in wood.


Marcia said...
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Marcia said...

Looks great. Save some for me please!

marlana said...

This is great news! Margaret Morris, the cheesemaker, used to be my neighbor in Alexandria and she made the cheese at home back then. Congratulations to her for bringing more culture to our area.

Knatolee said...

I absolutely LOVE this place. I think I have tried all these cheeses now and there's not one I don't adore!


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