Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Travelling in the Fall

On our way to Thanksgiving in the Muskokas this weekend, we had a picnic at Golden Lake, south of Algonquin Park.

We stopped several times in Algonquin Park to take photos.

It was a warm, sunny October day. Pretty darn picturesque, eh?

The next day, before we dug in to all that turkey, we drove to Huntsville...

...and went for a walk along the water.

Overhead were bright red crabapples framed against the blue sky.

Richard's car was the perfect colour as a backdrop for all those colourful leaves.


Why Oxbow? said...

You just can't beat that country in the fall, especially the canoe country!

Susan Williamson said...

Your pictures made me ache inside, but in a good way! It was always my dream to have a cottage in Muskoka.

Anonymous said...

It makes me laugh that you come to my part of the world for Thanksgiving, and I go to yours.


cindymogelonsky said...

The photo @ Golden Lake is right across from our cottage.


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