Thursday, October 30, 2008

Painted Stuff

I'm working towards that show on November 9th in Montreal so I've been trying to paint every day. Here's a fun lupin pitcher...

...and a nice, square cat plate.

This is a large, 11.5" serving bowl.

A single serving teapot and matching cup in a neat little package.

The blue plates reminded me of the sea so I decided to paint shorebirds on them and ended up with eggs. Go figure.

I got a few commissions too. A dinner set for a little boy who is going to be eight years old and loves helping on the farm.

And these are for his four year old sister who loves kittens.

This cookie jar is for a set of triplets who are known to their parents as the dragonflies.

This black and white cat plate is a Christmas gift from a mother to a son portraying his favourite cat Badger.

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