Monday, October 20, 2008

Auction, Eats and Art

Richard and I went to an auction run by Ti-Rouge in St. Eugene, Ontario yesterday. Nice dishes... well as big, stryofoam containers of poutine for anxious bidders.

Then we were off to a vernissage down the road. We got distracted by Dody's fantastic arty shoes that she made herself.

So distracted, that I forgot to take a photo of the show and opted for a closer look at those shoes. Wowza!


justjen said...

Wow! Looks like another great weekend in Eastern Ontario!

addison Dewitt said...

I want a pair! Do they come in size 11?

marlana said...

I saw them in real life at the vernissage and I admit they were eye-catching, especially on a tiny woman in a little black dress.

Newsman said...

_Oh My God!!!
They must have been worth a thousand dollars!


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