Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Puppy Dog ATCs

This is a series of artist trading cards I did entitled "I Love Dogs." I visited friends who had dogs and had them take a photo of me with their doggy because I really do love dogs. I've just always been a cat person.

The challenge for the latest issue of ATC Quarterly is "Puppy Dogs." Please create an ATC with this theme in the medium of your choice and e-mail it to me (hi-rez please) to: editor@atcquarterly.com or snail mail it to: ATC Quarterly, 19698 County Road 24, Dunvegan, ON K0C 1J0 Canada. Please include an SASE (or $1) if you want your ATC returned to you. Deadline is November 15, 2008.


justjen said...

Love Them!! Fun to see Rosie and Gumdrop immortalized on your blog too.

Susan Williamson said...

I had to laugh when I saw all your ATCs with various puppies. Have you gone over to the dark side, Ronna? (just joking)

Marcia said...

It's a twelve step program. First, Ronna had to admit that dogs even existed! A slow process, but I think she is getting there.

Love you, Auntie Ronna,
xx oo Smoky and Shadow

Lassie said...

Woof woof!*

(Translation - "Love it gotta rescue Timmy for the well now!")

Why Oxbow? said...

That damn dog! Every time I stuff Timmy in the well, along she comes!

Lassie said...

Oxbow- you callin' me a bitch?

Lady Di said...

I love these pictures of you with dogs, what a fantastic idea. They look fantastic all together like that. I also have a new fur-baby, he's a 15 week old Australian Kelpie and his name is Beau ... I love him to bits.


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