Friday, August 22, 2008

Walter's Hot Dog Stand ATCs

I've been to Walter's Hot Dog stand twice and it has really fantastic hot dogs! I made this set of artist trading cards based on Walters -- the mustard and ketchup are added with raised fabric paint so it looks (almost) like the real thing. The back of the cards have this info on them:

Walter's Hot Dog Stand was originally established by Walter Warrington in 1919. It was a roadside stand selling hot dogs and sodas down by Harbor Island in Mamaroneck, NY. After gaining so much appeal Walter decided to expand his business and build the Chinese pagoda building. Due to its unique architecture, the building itself was named a historical landmark by Westchester County. It is world famous due to its high quality hot dog made of beef, pork and veal that can only be found at Walter's. Walter's was voted the number one hot dog in America by Gourmet magazine and was voted the best roadside stand in Westchester from 1994 to 2004. To see more, visit: Walter's Hot Dog website.

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Why Oxbow? said...

Now yer talkin! Got any poutine to put on them dogs?


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