Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lupins Galore

Of all the motifs I've painted on china, the lupins seem the most popular. I decided to paint a few more lupin items to keep up with the demand! I just love this 6 1/4" serving bowl covered with multi-coloured lupins.

An oval serving platter measuring 9 3/4" long.

Odd-shaped little pieces...I think they are used for onion soup bowls? Not sure. I thought they'd be fun to serve olives or pickles.

An 8" square serving plate with purple lupins. The edges of this plate are up-turned to stop stuff from rolling off it I suppose...

The same server but decorated with pink and purple lupins.

A nice sized, 8 1/2" serving bowl with pink and purple lupins.


kate said...

Wow! Lupin-o-rama!

justjen said...

They look wonderful and what a bright counterpoint they will make at the table in the middle of winter!


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