Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Flutter By...

I went for a nice, brisk walk along our busy road yesterday and on my way back, noticed a dead Monarch butterfly on the shoulder. I picked it up and loosely carried it home thinking it would be perfect glued to an artist trading card. I was designing it in my head.

I stopped for a cup of tea at a neighbour's and because it was so windy, brought the butterfly in with me and laid it on her kitchen counter. About halfway into the cup of tea, my neighbour said, "Hey, your butterfly is climbing up the TV!" It was alive! I picked it up and took it out the back door, wanting to set it on some flowers but instead it flew out of my hands and landed on a spruce tree.

I'm guessing that when I first picked it up, it might have been hit by a car and was just winded, lying on its side on the gravel. Then it got its second wind, once set inside and it recovered. My neighbour's theory was that it knew that I was going to varnish it to an ATC, so it decided it better get the heck out of there!


justjen said...

Nothing is safe in the hands of an artist!

kate said...

Whew! Close call for the monarch butterfly!

Susan Williamson said...

What a wonderful story. Obviously a butterfly that winters in Mexico is not to be underestimated!


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