Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nasturtium-Inspired China

I love painting nasturtiums, so I covered this 3-pronged candlestick with them.

This 6" high garlic keeper will smell sweeter because of its nasturtiums, right?

A 7.5" round covered casserole covered with nasturtium vines.


kate said...

ooohhhh...love those nasturtiums! Thye are one of my favourites. A real burst of colour and a nice peppery flavour.

marlana said...

My eyes got glued to your nasturnium ceramics because I love the flowers. Do you have some "models" that pose for you in your garden? I can't get them to flower but my plants have huge juicy leaves. Any idea what's missing? Your design reminds me very much of my favorite Villeroy and Boch "Geranium" design. I have only 2 cups and 6 saucers left of a complete service I bought 20 years ago. They are no longer made. Hey, do you do copies???

Ronna said...

Hey Marlana: cute idea. I haven't seen the geranium V&B dishes but would love to!!


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